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Rat Tricks

x via Abby Roeser on Youtube

Dogs 101 – Weimaraner

A few facts to know before you get a Weimaraner as a pet x via Animal Planet on Youtube

Up! Dog House

Tim Baker Creations builds an Up inspired dog house x via AWE me on Youtube

Why Be So Cat?

x via o2ukofficial on Youtube

Pet Anteater!

x via HiddenCloverVideos on Youtube

Jimmy the Pig

Jimmy Kimmel finds out how kids would react to a talking animal x via Jimmy Kimmel Live on Youtube

Dogs Get Pranked

x via Just For Laughs Gags on Youtube

Cats 101- Cheetoh

Thinking about getting a Cheetoh cat? Watch this video to see if it’s the right pet for you: x
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The Owl Whisperer

Guy tries to get an owl out of his house x and here’s when he first discovered the owl...
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Dear Kitten…

x via BuzzFeedVideo on Youtube